Professional Water bores,Pump installations & reticulation around Perth

Collins Drilling are the water boring experts with the experience, passion and reliability to provide you with a start to finish service to meet all your drilling and boring needs.

Collins Drilling was started in 1975 by Greg Collins,a Perth based water well sinker and Reticulation installer.Greg built his own slotting machine with multible blades to produce his own PVC slotted spears when galvanised pipes and mesh screens were the alternative.This paid off as galvanised pipes had a short life and even today we receive calls from happy customers we did bores for over 35 years ago for a service on the pump or check valve with the bore still in A1 condition.

In 1995 Gregs son Ben started full time employment with the company and later becoming a partner before taking over in 2010.Bens drilling exsperiance is exstensive and includes cable tool,Auger & Mud Rotary.

Our late model Drilling rigs include

- 2012, 3.5 ton custom built tandem trailer mounted mud rotary rig capable of drilling to 70m.

- 2012, man portable mud rotary rig capable of drilling a 4" bore to 40m in sand with a 900mm wide access foot print.

- 2012, Ingersol Rand 185 air source plus Air compressor.

- small portable cable tool rig for rebores in wells.

At Collins Drilling we can provide you expertly trained drillers, installation specialists and personalised solutions for your drilling and boring needs. Collins Drilling offers fast, cost-effective and quality services.


We specialise in new bores,Pumps -insurance work for fused motors including full fusion reports,well repairs,Rebores,Bore development & Reticulation installs & repairs including automatic controllers,solanoid location & wire tracking with the latest in technology.Our rigs are custom built for access in back yards and leave a small enviromental foot print.Every Bore we install and every piece of advice we give draws on our training and experience so you can trust the quality of what we do and what we say every time.

Professional Service

Collins Drilling is the only choice for professional bore & Pump installations in Perth,We work within budgets, we know how to communicate, we are time efficient and we offer solutions to the problems you can see and the ones you can’t.

End to End Solutions

What makes Collins Drilling stand apart from the crowd is our ability to offer not only one-off services but end to end solutions that will save you time, money and eliminate the need for dealing with more than one contractor. We sell the products we install, we provide answers to problems we have years of experience solving and we create, manage and complete the projects you need done with skill and expertise.  

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